Monday, November 22, 2010

Penang Bridge International Marathon (PBIM) 2010, 21 Nov 2010

This is my 2nd edition of the race. Join the inaugural one which starts at Queensbay mall. This is hosted by the Penang Tourism Board under the Penang State government. The previous years was held at Universiti Sains Malaysia.

Met Eunice, Jet, Suki and John in the LCCT at 7am at the LCCT.  Jet, Suki, John and I boarded the first flight at 830am. Eunice and the rest of the Bukit Jalil group boarded  the 2nd flight at 930am (Sounds like The Amazing Race, doesn't it?)

Met this fellow runner who sat in front of me, Farah who did her first HM. She is  a familiar face at the KLCC park.

Collected bib and hang out at Coffee Bean . Dejavu of last year's collection,

Meet Mohan and the rest if the Team Fat Bird there.

Walked down Queensbay and crossed the Jelutong highway with my trolley bag for a local cofffee shop meal.

Later, we took a cab for rm 15 to B Suite for check in. Taxi in Penang ain't cheap.

Waited for a while at lobby and managed to check in at 145pm.

Free internet access at room. Luckily I brought my LAN cable. Uploaded photos and check on FB.

Got call from Suki and meet up at 330 for tea. Walked to Bayan Baru Mall area for coffee shop food. Yummy.

Then inside the mall. All got influenced by Eunice who is doing the full Marathon. So we bought a pack of large mash potato from KFC each. It's the best for carbo loading. We also bought buns for breakfast.

Had my 'dinner' at 630pm which consists of Hainaese chicken rice and mash potatoes and finished with a rm2 pack of guava.

Rolled in bed since 730pm. Woke up at 850pm., Sleep again till 1030pm. Woke up at 1115pm. Finally woke up at midnight. That's why I think they should rename the event to Penang Midnight Marathon.

Had a coffee and my floss bun in the room. Got message from Sam. He just arrived at the airport and on the way to B Suite.

Reporting time at B Suite lobby at 130am. By the 115 am , most of us are there. We walked together wth the Singapore group. Nice chatting with Sasha for the 1km plus walk.

Arrived at starting, the first person I met was Geannie Tan who came to support the race. Then I meet Yann Kai and Danny Chan. Then I met the BU bootcampers and took a photo in our new uniform, the Adidas tech wear.

Warmed up to the end of Queensbay..Met Stanley Cheong and Henry Wong while warming up. Found Kelvin Ng aka TL at the starting pen. Stood together and more pics.

We started at 2:59am. A lot of blocking through till we turned off at Jelutong Expressway. Then the roads became wider. First person I met was Eng Hui (full marathoner) at the bridge. Then I met Julie Wong, followed by Yen Erl and the Super Rookies gang.

Had my 1st powergel before the climb at the Bridge Mid Span. I did the the 1st 5.3km in 28:36. Mentally I wanted to do the first U turn at 9:4km at 50min . I managed to. Then I started to look for the small KM markers. It was 3.0km and my mental calculation means I have to look for the 3.6km  marker. It's in increment of 100m. Cross the 10km mark at 52:06. Almost one minute faster than my target 53min.

Took the 2nd power gel before the return climb on the bridge. No water station..It was less than last year and they still giving out bottles...I pass Danny Chan and Adam Loh at that part. My 15km ws still on the bridge at the time of 1:18.

Then strong wind and thunder and followed by torrential rain. Thank God for my tech wear and my Adizero but it miserable running in the heavy rain. My face can feel the prick of the rain drops. I am not a motorcylist so I am not use to it. My gel up hair is also falling apart.

Then I started worrying about my camera. It was compact in a Nike arm pouch. I went to the Medic Tent near  the 10km route U turn and asked for plastic bag. No plastic bad was available, so one of them tore part of the rain coat and wrapped my camera in it.

I made the final 16.6km U turn and took my 3rd power gel and saw Dann coming it for the Uturn. I pass a bridge and saw the 40km mark for FM. So I was happy cause it means another 2.2km to finish. Upon closer look, it was a speed limit marker for vehicles . It says 40km/h. Ha ha ha.

I began to slow down and found Azri and Danny Chan overtaking me  before turning into Queensbay.

I pushed along the Queensbay road which is the final 1.5km. I saw the Eastin Hotel when I coughed and threw out my last power gel and 100 plus. I have to slow down. I wasnt even thinking of PB ..I just want to finish.  I cross the line and pressed by stop watch.

Said hi to Azri who crossed the line 8 sec earlier and we walked to collect the finisher's medal. Azri joked with officials if we can collect the FM medal as 2 halfs will make one Full ( or Fool).

Saw John Heng who finished at 1:48. Collect my bags in the rain. Need someone to help me to get out of my tech top. Ask water from a friend named Chiew to top up my recovery drink.

Walked back and saw Kelvin Ng going back Kristal Suite and Kei Ming going to the 10km race.

Hot shower and hot milk tea later and a little updates on FB. Heard my mobile rang at 8ish and Lizza saithey are in Kayu Nasi Kandar Bkt Jambul. Thank God cause they can be anywhere in Penang and they chose a walking distance place,

Had breakfast and chitchat with the Bootcampers. Azlan (aka Broery) send me back to B Suite. Rested in room and went down to check out at 11am. Saw Jack  and Tommy again. Congrats Tommy for completing his FM in sub 5 hours.

Reached airport in 12 ish and had lunch in Mac D with Choi, Loke and Lawrence.

Chilled at transit from 130 and took flight home at 2:55pm.

My Race Analysis.

0-5.3km.       28: 36 --->    28:36
5.3-10.6km   26:56 --->     55:32
10.6-15.9km 27:20--->   1:22:53
15.9-21.2km 28:50--->   1:51:43

Really slowed down at the end....

10km split -   52: 06
15km split - 1:18:19
21.2km     - 1:51:43

When I did my 1st Penang Bridge half marathon , I complete it in 2:20. One my first anniversary run there, I did it in 1:51.

So, to borrow a tagline from Adidas...Impossible Is Nothing!