Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Comrades House

The Comrades House in Pietermaritzburg at Dusk
Every Comrades runner must pay homage to Comrades House in Pietermaritzburg. This is where you will find a comprehensive history, race statistics, memorabilia of The Comrades Marathon.

Every international runner who signs up for the Comrades gets to go on a a free route tour and the tour ends in Comrades House. The tour leaves at 8 am from the Comrades expo. You only need to indicate which day you are going. The white wrist band which is your ticket is found in the collection pack. The Comrades House also allows bib collection( for the local runners I think), sells merchandise etc. If you can't find your favorite items at the expo. Chances are, you may get it at The Comrades House like I did.

I was lucky because I get to go on a private tour by car and we ended our tour at the Comrades House.

The wall of previous Comrades' winners but where is the trophy?

The room where the model of the entire 89km of the Comrades Route is displayed 
The starting at Durban with the Indian Ocean in the fore ground 

The view of Pietermaritzburg . The 2 red lines indicates the up and the down run.

Bruce Fordyce, The highest number of winner of the Comrades. 9 times. A former world record holder of 50 and 100km. He lived in Seremban as a child 1959-1962. He is now my Facebook friend.

Alan Robb a previous winner ran his 40th Comrades in 2013. He was at the Pasta Party

The wall of greats

Vic Clampham bust is found at the entrance. He is the founder of the Comrades Marathon in 1921.
I left my name in the visitor's book

The back yard of the Comrades House

It's a working office cum museum Mons to Fris

The emblem on the gate

The sign
The photos of the winners
Comrades Poster 1987

Comrades Poster 1986

Comrades Poster 1988
I can't think of another marathon which such long history apart from Boston. So, come and join us next year and be part of the Comrades' history

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