Wednesday, June 19, 2013


There are 1.2 millions Asians in South Africa and 98% of them are Indians. And 90% of them live in Durban. There 1st person I spoke to in Durban was a Indian. The girl at the airport toll plaza too was a Indian. The driver was a Indian. The assistant to the van driver was also a Indian. The movies shown at Suncoast was Bollywood.

The King Shaka Airport of Durban is a brand new airport. My old guide says the Durban airport is located 14km south of Durban but this one is 26km north of Durban. The only flight thats operates out of Africa is Emirates. Therefore, most arrives are locals or neighboring country. There are no touts in Durban airport. It's very peaceful in fact.

There's a shuttle van that leaves every hour half past the hour. It will take you direct to your hotel for R70 (RM23). If you were to take a taxi , it will cost R500.
The Durban Airport Shuttle Ticket

I touched down at 715pm and was at the van pick up at 7:30pm. The Indian uncle told me that the van just left and it was full. I was the first to be in the van and thought that I might need to wait an hour for the next departure. However, the a South African man came followed a group of 7 Filipinos. I can tell that all these Filipinos are running the Comrades.

So, the uncle put all of us in a smaller van and departed at 745 pm. Plus, I got to sit in front and saw the highways of Durban . Thats how I know the girl at the Toll Plaza is a Indian. She asked the uncle to buy Buffalo Wings on his way back to the airport.

The 1st stop was at Umblanga where the South African got down at The Gateway hotel. It's really nice suburban area with a big mall. The next stop was my stop , Bellaire at North Beach. I got to the hotel at 815pm.

Bellaire claims to be a 4 star hotel but the most I would give is 3. But for a large room with big fridge, microwave, flat screen TV plus all rooms are sea facing..a night of less than RM200, it's really worth it. I would recommend this hotel to all Malaysians. I had my first shower after more 24 hours. eeks..
The studio unit of Bellaire , Durban

After a quick bite downstairs at the Jiran Coffee House, I was already asleep by 9:30pm. My dear friends came back after their night out in a Thai restaurant called my room or sms me.

The next day, I met all of them at breakfast. One in particular left a very deep impression on me..

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