Saturday, June 22, 2013

Comrades Route Tour

We were lucky to have a private tour. Chee Kong drove his car and Frank drove a SUV for the 9 of us. We entered at Botha's Hill and went to Drummond . That is the half way point of the race. There's a wall of honour here where for R300 or RM100, they can put your name on a plaque on the wall. Some runners even put the ashes behind their plaque so that they can watch the race forever.

The Wall of Honour at Drummond, halfway  point of Comrades Marathon

We located the wrong Arthur's seat because of the misleading signboard's location. It was much further down. You will see it first before the signboard on a UP run. I found out on race day unlike Francis who ran past it. He realized when the volunteers asked him why he is still holding on to the stalk of rose.

The most memorable photo weren't taken by me. It was taken by Cham. Frank liked it and posted it and I too think this is quite special.

From left : Wong FS, me, Frank, Roy, CP Tan, Francis and Chee Kong.
There were Malaysians who ran this race before like Ng Seow Kong, Hoo Ching Tai and Hoo Ching Cheong. Frank, Wong and Chee Kong ran it last year. I think we have made quite a impact on Malaysians to sign up next year.

I like this photo because we were the magnificent 7 who ran it in 2013. I am sure it will be bigger next year...but i will always remember this group because I was one of them...

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